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In Vedas, Jyotish Sashtra is descried as "third eyear” in which there is an unification of all Tenses (Past, Present & Future).Therefore Jyotish may be regarded as Astrology, We have certain rules, Principles etc and each and every step taken is very much systematic so, It is a science. Art is a way of doing work with experience and dexterity, So astrology (Jyotish) is considered as an art because knowing about Past, Present & Future is also an art."Jyotish" Astrology is something, which is increasable via sense and which camouflage itself in wombs of post and reflect the future of anyone. The astrology field is so huge so vast that not only personal lives of every human beings but also whole universe including all planets, star etc are inundated. Fate and Destiny ore just results or effect of ominous or mascot incidents are spawned. Some very important parts of our astrology are as follows: online astrology, free online horoscope.

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